Guilt When You Don’t Love Your Mother

Guilt When You Dont Love Your MotherDon’t get me wrong, I care about my mother’s well-being, but love? I think I love the idea of my mother, but not the reality.

I would love an unconditionally loving mother who cares, nurtures and really supports me as a human being. I would have loved a mother who enthused about my achievements, who encouraged me to go into the world and shine, but I didn’t get that mother, my soul chose differently.

As a society, we put so much pressure on ourselves to behave a certain way. We ‘should’ ourselves into so many things.

  • You should love your parents
  • You should be married by now
  • You should have children
  • You shouldn’t have an abortion
  • You should be white, not black
  • You shouldn’t be gay

The list just goes on and on and that doesn’t stop with love.

I was always under the impression that love is unconditional, but we have been thrown into a society which creates a life where love is full of conditions. So many ‘you must do this and that to make me happy!’ Continue reading


When Mothers Need Their Children To Fail

When Mothers Need Their Children To FailMost people are wounded in some way, my parents were no different. My mother has many wounds and many insecurities, so when she gave birth to her first daughter she probably expected to feel something other than she did.

Not all mothers are able to connect with children. Some may have health issues and some may have been shown how to mother by someone who equally did not know how to love unconditionally. Who knows… all mothers are different, some do a fantastic job at loving, others simply don’t know how to love without conditions, because they never learned how to feel enough inside themselves. Continue reading